Sunday I begin a trek across the district. We will worship at Ironsburg UMC and then begin the first phase of the journey. I have been trying to condition myself for this walk. I find myself thinking physically but also spiritually. Walking 100 miles in six days requires you to have your “head in the game.”


I have been thinking of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. I have thought about all the walking they did -- all trying to follow where God was leading. But the story that has rung truest for me of late is the walk to Emmaus…the story where two of the disciples walk away from Jerusalem and end up walking with Jesus. That is my hope for the next week. I hope that we can walk away from malaria, away from a world with malaria, away from sickness, death, and brokenness… but I really hope that I end up walking with Jesus.


Imagining Grace and Peace,




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