On the internet you will find numerous quotes about making plans.   "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."  This is a quote attributed to General George Patton, but is also noted as a proverb.  No matter who came up with it first, there is always a reason to go ahead and start with the good plane, especially when you are talking about a life saving effort like "Imagine No Malaria."

Following several meetings it looks like "The Next Mile" is close to becoming a reality.   Most of the routes have been laid out, special events have been planned and the communication avenues are just about ready for full use.  

As Charles and Randy set out on their physical journeys we hope that you will join them in "imagining" a world without malaria. While it may seem like an impossible goal, there is a "plan" in place to make this happen in just a few short years. 

 "$10 saves a life!"  It is a battle cry you will hear for days, weeks and maybe even years to come. However, as all good plans go, something might happen that could have Charles or Randy changing course along the way.  Still the overall course and goal will remain the same, it may just take longer to reach it.  

Remember there are good ideas on the table now, and tomorrow there could even be a perfect plan one that God can help us achieve. 



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