Randy Pasqua (Director of Conference Camp Ministries) begins his bicycle ride across the district tomorrow.  He is set to arrive at Pleasant Hill UMC in Rone County at 8 am, leaving there at 8:30.   The bicycle ride will take him to First UMC in Sweetwater, Loudon UMC, Friendsville UMC, Middlesettlements UMC, and Bungalow UMC before arriving at 1st UMC-Maryville about 5:00 pm for the "halfway point" event.

Here are a few thoughts from Randy as he gets set for this 130 mile journey"

"As I prepare to ride my bicycle across the Maryville District to help raise awareness for the Imagine No Malaria campaign, I am struck by how privileged I am.  I can afford a fine bicycle to ride.  I have the time and the health to invest in the preparation and the ride.  Indeed I believe the preparation is contributing to my positive health.  As I prepare I think about all my blessings and I pray that I can live thankfully."  
Randy Pasqua



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