This past weekend, thousands of people took part in the Knoxville Marathon and Half-Marathon.  Preparing for such a race takes dedication and a spirit to challenge yourself to do more.   

As the Marathon runners mark their accomplishments, Charles Maynard and Randy Pasqua are getting ready for a challenge of their own, a 100 mile journey across the Maryville District (Charles on foot, Randy on bicycle).

Here is a little on how each is preparing to go "The Next Mile."

"I am trying to walk several miles each day and take at least one long hike each week. During appointment week, David Graves and I were walking 4.4 miles each evening.  I took a 13.5 mile walk up to the Appalachian Trail."

"I am riding as often as the weather and schedule will allow outside.  I am riding inside on a trainer in the evenings when I can't get out."

The goal of this journey is to help give the people of Africa the chance to go "the next mile."  Over the next few weeks we'll be updating you on what Charles and Randy are doing.   Keep checking the website www.thenextmi



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