"The Next Mile" is now in its second day and so far the journey has caught the attention of people not only in the Maryville District, but across the country.  A day before Charles started walking, the Knoxville News-Sentinel ran an article outlining the plans and goals of this special event.  The Maryville Daily Times did a similar article.  In addition to this newspaper coverage, the folks at Imagine No Malaria have been talking about it too devoting space on the website to showcase what is going on.

Charles (seen on the left with Pastor Bill Clark) began Sunday by preaching at Ironsburg UMC.  From there he headed to Tellico Plains where members of the congregation joined him for lunch.  Between the two churches, Charles did not have any cell phone service, so those of us awaiting pictures to post, etc. had to wait until about 4:30 before the pictures started coming in.  Once they did, response was almost instant.   "The Next Mile" was off to a rousing start and at the end of the journey there should be countless more opportunities for us to Imagine a world without malaria!



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