On Tuesday, four of the people involved in "The Next Mile" event had one last strategy session before Charles and Randy start their respective journeys.  For months now, the idea has been in place and now it is almost time to turn all those ideas into something real and special.

Part of the meeting gave Charles a chance to learn a little more about Facebook and how to post pictures from his walk.  With a little help and practice we can say Charles is up to not only the challenge of walking 100 miles, but also making sure his story gets out on the information superhighway.  Charles is eager to share his journeys with you as we all work to Imagine a world without malaria.

The details of Wednesday night's event at 1st UMC-Maryville were also worked out at this meeting.  The "halfway point" event will be a time for you to catch up with both Charles and Randy and break bread together on the eve of World Malaria Day.  It starts at 4:30 with communion services at 5:30.  Other churches throughout the Maryville District will also be going on the same night.

One of the keys to success for this event will be getting the word out, not only about the journey, but also how we can all help the people of Africa go "the next mile!"



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